Referral sale
You refer clients to us
You find clients and direct to us
We independently conduct a presentation of the product (or together with you), conclude an agreement and accept payment
You receive a reward from us
You receive a fixing remuneration from each payment of the attracted client
We exclude conflicts of interest
The cost of the platform for attracted client will never be higher than our retail price, and sometimes even lower (exclusive discounts for your customers)
Direct (distributor) sale
You sell directly to your client
You sell the platform directly
We do not know or interact with your customers. We just serve the platforms you sell.
You make a markup
We give you a discount on product Setup fee and hourly fee from retail price.
We provide platform support
Support for the platform sold under the White Label program from our side is of the same quality as retail support.
Request for the Partner's terms
What partners program are you interested in
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