Workflow automation system for ST CRM
Article one - division by country
Automation of business flow is one of the most necessary and useful functions in the CRM. By setting up automatic processes, you speed up the process of interaction with clients, as well as simplify and improve the work of your managers.
Our system allows you to build a business process in exactly the way that is convenient and beneficial for your business. Let's take a closer look at exactly what settings options are present in our CRM, and what processes will no longer take up your time and effort, but will be processed automatically. Each automated business process is called by one or another trigger in the system. We have worked through an extensive list of triggers to cover the maximum number of possible business processes.

In this article, we will take a closer look at the automated process with a trigger - registration, and possible options for actions with new clients, immediately after their registration in your system.

Having chosen a registration trigger, you need to understand exactly what registration conditions will trigger this or that automated process in the system in the future.
To do this, select a specific condition. For the registration trigger we provide two possible conditions, these are:

- country
- manager ID

Let's take the condition - “country” as an example. Select it in the list of conditions. Next, we determine the specific parameter. Depending on your needs, you can select a specific country of registration (for example = Germany) or select all countries, or several countries.

For further analysis of the process, we will accept the condition that client registration will occur indicating the country = Germany Having selected the option you need, we proceed to selecting the action that should occur after a client from Germany is registered in your system.
By specifying a specific desk (in this example “German”) and saving the created workflow, we get a fully automated process that looks like this. All clients who are registered in your system from Greece will be automatically assigned to a German desk. Another automated action could be sending emails after registration.Select from the list of actions - Send email.

We set a specific parameter by adding the header of the letter and choosing specific template, save the parameter and get a customized automated process in which all clients registered in your system from Germany will automatically be sent a welcome letter in German
Also in the list of possible actions, our system provides:
Also in the list of possible actions, our system provides:
- Change status (automatic change of client status after registration)
- Customer compliance attach (automatic addition of one or another KYC rule for client verification) - Deposit disable (ban on making a deposit)
- Deposit enable (permission to make a deposit)

All of the above actions are also relevant when choosing the condition - manager ID

All of the above actions are also relevant when choosing the condition - manager ID