A generalized list of recent changes in the CRM system 13 April 2023
A generalized list of recent changes in the CRM system:

1) A system of roles has been added, with different areas of access:

- selfie viewer - sees only clients assigned to a specific manager
- desk viewer - sees all desk clients
- full view - admin access, all clients, all sections of the CRM system are available

It is also possible to choose which particular section of the CRM system should be available to the manager for viewing or editing

2) A map of clients has been added to the general dashboard - a map of the world with countries marked on it from which clients have registered on your platform (indicating the number of registered ones)

3) The client card contains additional information about each of the accounts (real, demo) - these are the values of the balance, margin, profit, the number and amount of deposits, as well as the volume of traded positions on the account

4) Added the ability to select a color for your CRM system. Install a light or dark theme and enjoy comfortable work and eye-pleasing visuals.