Release of the new functionality of the ScaleTrade CRM system on March 1, 2023
Release of the new functionality of the ScaleTrade CRM system on March 1, 2023

We strive to become better and provide you with the most convenient client management system that meets the goals of your business. We have made a number of improvements that will speed up the work of your managers and allow you to become the best broker!

List of changes in the CRM system

The following functionality has been implemented:

1) Affiliate program ID parameter has been added to the list of customers - with the ability to edit (attach a specific client to a specific affiliate)

2) Implemented the "Export" function of data from the table of customers

If it is necessary to upload data from the list of customers, the "Export" button should be used. Clicking on it, the table data is unloaded in the CSV file format. In order to upload data, one or more customers need to be selected (marked with select), and the "select all" function can be also used (for choosing all the customers). Data will be uploaded with all filters applied to the table

3) Implemented the function of mass update of customer data - "Edit customers"

To bulk change customer data, the "Edit customer" button can be used. To edit, the desired customers need to select them and click on the "Edit" button. In the form that appears, change the customer data by entering new values (it is possible to leave the default/original values, or reset the data/null) and pressing the confirm button

4) Implemented the function of bulk import of customers into the CRM system - "Import customers"

Bulk loading of leads/customers is possible by clicking on the "Import customers" button. The uploaded file must be in CSV format. The separator used in the file must be a comma. After uploading the file, the system will check it for missing data and offer options for filling in the missing data (you can fill it with custom data, choose from the options provided, and skip filling in the data). Next, the imported data will be loaded into the table of customers

5) The function of partial display of Notes in the customer card has been implemented. The number of displayed notes in the client card can be changed using the display parameter on the page (Show 5/15/20...)