CFD platform change log from 25 JAN 2022
CFD platform change log from 25 JAN 2022

- Changed the visual structure of Back office - now all sections of Back office are visible from the left menu.

- Redesigned tables of some sections for a more informative presentation.

- The transition to the system of contracts with lots has been made.

- Added Asset settings - enabling/disabling Market (opening and closing trades) and Trade (allowing and prohibiting the opening of new positions).

- Integrated FIX protocol for obtaining quotes and liquidity supply.

- Added Permissions section - creating roles for employees with access.

- Added a set of sections for automating and accounting for the execution of business processes:
>Entity - Back office components (entities) that participate in the formation of tasks for employees.
>Workflow is a description of the conditions for creating tasks, makes it possible to describe the rule for forming tasks, the conditions for their distribution among employees and the stages of execution.
>Boards - boards with tasks for employees according to the formed conditions.
Calendar - employee's personal tasks by dates.
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